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Boogie Monsters DO Exist!

Boogie Monsters DO Exist!

Boogie monsters are the stuff of childhood stories and Stephen King horror novels.  However, in the real world they are still out there, waiting to take advantage of the vulnerable cat or dog.  In July, Berks county experienced a rabid dog at another veterinary clinic.  The dog had its initial puppy shot, but the owner did not follow up with any additional vaccines.  The dog was kept outside, but had no history of injuries or bite wounds.  The dog developed vomiting, that progressed to seizures. Luckily the veterinarian tested the dog, and now the entire veterinary staff, and the family are having to endure the post-exposure treatment.

This year our clinic has had to treat several dogs for heartworm infection.  The disease is carried by mosquitos, and treatment involves several days of injections, along with exercise restriction for weeks after the treatment.  We have seen some patients that have not returned for their treatment, resulting in a source of infection in the community for other dogs.

The sad part is that all these situations were entirely preventable.  Rabies vaccines are readily available, and required by state law for any dog and indoor cat over 12 weeks of age.  Monthly heartworm preventative is inexpensive, and highly effective.   Please feel free to ask our staff if you have any questions about vaccines and heartworm preventative.  Don’t let the boogie monsters have their way with your beloved pet!

Ann E. Bastian, V.M.D.


Happy New year to you and your family.  As we start the year, I wanted to make you aware of some changes you will see the next time you bring your pet in for their annual exam.  Based on our most recent understanding of the immune system and vaccines, Willow Creek will be changing how we administer vaccines.  The changes are in line with the recommendations of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association.  Rabies is required by Pennsylvania state law, and will be administered as required.  Certain vaccines will be considered core vaccines, meaning that all animals should be vaccinated for these diseases.  For some of these vaccines, the frequency of administration will be extended, while others will remain the same.  Other vaccines will be based on you and your pet’s lifestyle and risk exposure.  Vaccines are a vital part of maintaining your pet’s health, and the doctors at Willow Creek will help you make educated decisions on what is best for your pet.  As always, your pets and their health are our top concern.

Ann E. Bastian, V.M.D.