Congratulations Dr. Bastian and Duncan!



New York, NY (Nov. 25, 2019) – Duncan, a three year-old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, inspired owner Ann Bastian with an urgent dash in AKC competition and together they won the $500 first prize in the 2019 Pet Life Radio/National Dog Show “Dogs Until 2 Social Media Meme Contest.”

A veterinarian from Blandon (suburban Reading), PA, Bastian added the words “FIRST TO THE COUCH CONTROLS THE REMOTE” to encourage America’s families to watch the National Dog Show Presented by Purina until its Best In Show conclusion at 2 p.m. in all time zones on Thanksgiving Day.

“The dogs are in charge until 2 p.m.  Football can wait,” stated Bastian, who has guided Duncan to Barn Hunt, Trick Dog and Rally Obedience titles in AKC competition.  “We all can agree that the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day is special.  Football’s on TV all the time.” The photo of Duncan was taken by M.L. Baer.

Since the two-hour special of “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina” airs from noon-2 p.m. in all time zones across the United States, the meme contest theme is, “On Thanksgiving Day, it’s dogs until 2.” The NBC special attracts a total audience of over 20 million viewers each year and achieved its second largest total audience in 16 years, over 22 million, on Thanksgiving Day 2018. Pet Life Radio promoted the contest on its website and Facebook page and during several shows. Both Pet Life Radio and The National Dog Show promoted the contest via direct marketing and on multiple social media platforms.

“The entries get more creative every year,” said National Dog Show Presented by Purina expert analyst, David Frei, who judged the contest along with National Dog Show host John O’Hurley, Pet Life Radio CEO Mark Winter and Pet Life Radio Show host Arden Moore. “Watching the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day is now firmly entrenched as a family tradition because it’s great fun and great television.  We love our dogs.”

“We salute Ann and her energetic Wheaten, Duncan, for their simple, direct message,” stated Winter, Pet Life Radio’s executive producer. “Our pets are part of the family and The National Dog Show celebrates that wonderful reality on Thanksgiving Day.”

“Dogs Until 2” memes have been used in past years before the broadcast, which competes with football on television in the early part of the afternoon. The objective is to galvanize dog lovers to get everyone in their homes to watch the canine competition until the winning dog is selected just before 2 p.m., since football traditionally dominates the rest of the afternoon and evening on Thanksgiving Day.

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