Home Remedies Can Be Dangerous

Several weeks ago a client decided to administer a home remedy to her dog that was having some GI issues, on the advice of a friend.  Twelve hours later, the dog was dead.  I know this is probably an obvious statement, but cats and dogs are not humans.  They metabolize drugs very differently, and what would be OK for a person, can cause irreparable harm to your pets.  One Tylenol tablet can kill a cat.  The majority of dogs will develop GI ulcers after being given aspirin.  Giving drugs to your pet without the advice of a veterinarian can limit our choice of drugs we can safely use to help your pet.  There are certainly some human drugs that we routinely advise our clients to give their pets, but the dose and frequency are often different than what you or a family member would take.  Please help us by discussing all medications, vitamins, and supplements you have given your pet when you bring your pet into the hospital.  We are always available to answer questions about medications and supplements, so we can make sure to keep your furry family member safe and healthy.

On behalf of the staff of Willow Creek Veterinary Center, have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


Ann E. Bastian, V.M.D.


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