National Veterinary Technician Week

October 12-18, 2014 is National Veterinary Technician Week.  This is the week we recognize all the hard work that the unsung heroes of our practice do every day.  A licensed veterinary technician is someone who has completed 2-4 years post high school education at an accredited program, to earn a BA or BS in veterinary technology.  They have passed the state board, and have required hours of continuing education to maintain their license.  Technicians work under the supervision of the veterinarians to perform lab work, collect specimens, provide nursing care, prepare animals for surgery, assist in surgery, perform anesthesia, perform dental cleanings, obtain radiographs, and educate owners.  They are that smiling face that greets you and your pet, holds your hand during the difficult time, and helps with all of your pet’s stages of life.  Veterinarians could not do what we do without the support of our technicians.  So the next time you come in, thank the technicians for all they do.  I know this week I will make sure they get an extra dose of thank you’s from me too.

Ann E. Bastian, V.M.D.


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