Ugh…a post about a Resolution for 2014…really?

  Just Say No

As we head into the New Year, are you thinking about making a resolution?  Forty five percent of people make a resolution, yet only 8% manage to achieve them.  What are your resolutions for your pet?….update vaccines, exercise more, or lose weight?  Recent surveys indicate that over half of the cats and dogs in the U.S. are now overweight or obese.  Luckily, Willow Creek has an exciting new way to help your pet reach his or her weight loss goals.  Hill’s  Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution diet is a new tool in the ongoing battle of the bulge.  Hill’s scientists looked at the gene profiles of both obese and lean dogs and realized that they express different genes!  By changing the ratio and types of grains, proteins and oils in the diet, they were able to get obese dogs’ metabolism to change to the metabolism of a lean dog.  Ninety six percent of dogs and eight one percent of cats lost weight on this diet.  

So, when it’s time (and it can’t be too soon) contact us about whether the Metabolic diet would be appropriate for your pet.  If only they would put this in a pill for people!!

Ann E. Bastian, VMD



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